Pre-menopausal Asian lady in her 40s with acne scarring turns to Pro-Sil scar stick with amazing results!

acne scarring Pro-Sil

A woman approached Amred Healthcare for our help after experiencing aggressive acne scarring caused by pre-menopausal symptoms.

Initially her GP recommended a course of antibiotics for a period of 3 months. The woman was not keen to take a long course so only decided to take 1 month but the acne only calmed down. However the acne scarring left behind was awful, so she sought the advice of a leading UK dermatologist.

The woman was more concerned about the scarring that the acne had caused and wanted to know if she could continue with her laser hair removal treatment and needed to know if the laser treatment would make the acne scarring worse.

Her dermatologist recommended using Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Stick to help with the scarring. The woman started using Pro-Sil and saw results within 3 months. She was amazed by the results and was able to carry on with the laser hair removal treatment.

At her beauty clinic the therapist was absolutely astounded at how well the scars had reduced. The woman was able to continue with her laser hair removal treatment and was ecstatic with Pro-Sil's results.

Read her fantastic testimonial below

I would recommend Pro-Sil to anyone – this is truly a miracle and I can just carry on with my normal beauty treatments including laser hair removal without having to worry about acne scarring. Now even if I do get a breakout because of my menopausal symptoms, I feel relieved that I have a product that can help with any acne scarring that is left on my skin. Thank you Pro-sil.”  Sharan.Kaur

Pre-menopausal Asian lady in her 40s turns to Pro-Sil scar stick with amasing results!

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