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Professional model Maria Gardner tells us how the Pro-Sil Scar Stick and its patented technology has helped return her confidence by dramatically reducing the visibility of her scars. Below is her story in her own words and a short video of her inspiring story

Maria Gardner before and after picture of her scars

My story

4 years ago I went through one of the worst times in my life. My spleen ruptured through a severe case of Glandular fever. I was rushed to the hospital and went straight to the theatre to have my damaged spleen removed.

Being a model, it really effected my confidence having a huge scar on my stomach.

I didn't like showing my stomach with the scar. I didn't even get my stomach out on the beach that summer.

A friend got me in touch with Amred Healthcare and they told me about their product called Pro-Sil silicone scar stick. I thought why not just give it a try.

A few months later I really saw a difference in my scar, the redness had gone and the scar had faded a lot. Pro-Sil scar stick is literally my best friend now.

It gave me the confidence to model again and show my stomach in photoshoots. Most people don't even know I have a scar unless I tell them about it.

Because Pro-Sil helped me get my confidence back I wanted to make them my sponsors for Miss Birmingham 2016 / MissEngland 2016 beauty contests. 

I ended up winning Miss Birmingham and the stories of my journey with my confidence and using Pro-Sil appeared in many newspapers around the Midlands. 

I highly recommend Pro-Sil over other scar treatments. It's definitely the best thing I have brought.

Not only does it work, it brought my confidence back and now I can enjoy modelling again.

Maria Gardner x x x

You can read the Telegraph newspaper article HERE


*Please note all customer testimonials are based on individual personal experiences on use of the product. Results may vary for different individuals and the timescales to see visible results are different from one individual to another. 

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