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As well as promoting and selling Pro-Sil into the NHS I often get invited to showcase Pro-Sil at prestigious events which include Celebrity Lounges.

I have met many celebrities who come along to my stand and see me demonstrate what Pro-Sil can do for reducing scarring. Many celebrities take Pro-Sil away to try on themselves or family members, and all of them give great feedback on how Pro-Sil has reduced their scarring in such a short time.

My latest celebrity lounge promotion was at London Fashion Week at the prestigious 100 Wardour Street in London. Some very well know names attended including boxers Chris Eubank JR, David Haye and many more.

As with all previous celebrity lounges, this was a huge success, there was lots of interest in Pro-Sil from many of the celebrities but one in particular - the beautiful supermodel and well-known entrepreneur Caprice Bourret.

When Caprice came over to my stand she saw the before and after pictures of Molly (a 3-year-old who had open heart surgery). Caprice was overwhelmed with emotion, she couldn't believe that this young girl's scarring was hardly noticeable. With tears in Caprice's eyes, she asked me “this scar stick product Pro-Sil has reduced this scar?” I replied, “Yes, plus many other children and adults scarring.” Caprice then looked at our other before and after testimonials and was so impressed that she asked if she could try Pro-Sil on her C-Section Scar.

Caprice contacted me after six weeks of using Pro-Sil and was over the moon on how Pro-Sil had significantly reduced her C- Section scar – she could hardly notice the scar now!

Caprice was that impressed she did a video blog on her website (VIEW WEBSITE HERE) recommending Pro-Sil to all her fan base and clients. To watch Caprice's blog video (VIEW VIDEO HERE) 

Caprice and her team are now interested in selling Pro-Sil on their website. This again reinforces and shows why Pro-Sil is the best scar treatment available on the market today. (SHOP FOR Pro-Sil HERE)

Our mantra at Amred Healthcare is; Real People - Real Patients - Real Results!

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