Prosil Scar Stick helps a 5 year old boy after brain surgery

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Read how Pauline Scialdone a Paediatric Dermatolgy Speacialist Nurse at Heartlands Solihull Hospitals used Prosil Scar Stick to heal her grandsons scar after brain surgery.

(Prosil Review by Pauline Scialdone)

Lucio Scialdone-Andrews our five year old grandson went through brain surgery two years ago for infantile spasms a form of epilepsy. He suffered ten to twelve fits a day and drugs were not helping. He had resection of a quarter of his brain which did reduce his fits in severity and length but have now began to become stronger with him injuring himself frequently.

He had a large scar which was very itchy and because Lucio was non-verbal he could not tell us the discomfort he was in but my daughter used Prosil which helped heal the scar and to moisturise it and so reducing the itch.
Prosil helped Lucia immensely. Poor Lucio faces further surgery this year to resect another quarter of his brain which may involve some loss of movement in the opposite side. We will definitely use Prosil again to help the scar heal so Lucio can at least be free from the itching and discomfort that he experienced last time.  
Prosil Scar Stick

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