Epi-Derm by Biodermis, premium silicone gel sheeting for scars of every shape & size


Epi-derm the best premium silicone gel sheeting

The most comfortable silicone sheeting in the industry! Significantly thinner than competitors, allowing Epi-Derm to conform precisely to body contours.

A soft silicone gel sheet which is tacky on the back and easy to apply. Epi-derm silicone gel sheeting is the most effective, proven silicone gel sheeting and proven method of scar management available today. All Epi-Derm sheets can be trimmed as needed. Solutions for Scars of Every Shape and Size with FREE UK delivery.

Biodermis 25 years of skinovation

25 years ago, Biodermis revolutionised the scar management industry by introducing scar reducing silicone gel technology to dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. Since then, they have maintained a constant focus on market leadership through a culture of innovation. This innovation has resulted in a continued expansion of their clinically proven scar management products.