Pro-Sil Scar Stick by Biodermis - is approved and on the NHS drug tariff

For over 25 years Biodermis has been the recognised leader in scar management with products like Pro-Sil, Epi-Derm, DermaSof, Xeragel and Lipo compression foam pads. Dermatologists, medical professionals and plastic surgeons across the word use Biodermis products for scar reduction and management. Amred Healthcare is the official UK distributor of Biodermis scar treatment products.

We have orchestrated many real life patient testimonials to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Pro-Sil Scar Stick, some of which you can watch below. It's easy to use, clinically proven and has FREE UK delivery. We are proud to be a two-time award winner and Pro-Sil Scar Stick is recognised as the best scar treatment available in the UK today. Treating: C-Section Scars, Burn Scars, Acne Scars, Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids & Body Piercing Scars.

Pro-Sil Acne Facial Scar Trial before and after

*CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL AFTER USING PRO-SIL FOR 10 WEEKS “Pro-sil is quick and easy to use. The texture of my skin feels good, but more importantly, the appearance of my scars have improved. I will continue to use pro-sil for as long as it takes or until it has stopped working".

*Please note all customer testimonials are based on individual personal experiences on the use of the product. Results may vary for different individuals and the timescales to see visible results are different from one individual to another.